The sun is setting and the end is nigh…perhaps

Image credit - GP2 Media Service

Image credit – GP2 Media Service

A ten year life is about to end. GP2 is almost no more. The sun is setting and the end is nigh…perhaps.

It was 6th January this year when we first learned about an FIA Formula 2 Championship. A new system to earn superlicence points was revealed and a “future FIA Formula 2 championship” was to be the most valuable way of gaining points with GP2 considered marginally less precious. You and I were left as bemused as each other as to what this “future whatchamacallit” was all about and we heard nothing else about it until July.

Just after a World Motor Sport Council meeting held it Mexico City a press release from the FIA told us that GP2 Series Limited (the company that runs the GP2 Series) had offered its services to run the new FIA Formula 2 Championship.  Nothing was formally agreed but we were told “discussions are ongoing with the aim being to secure the best possible FIA F2 Championship”.

Another word from the FIA about this topic came in September when “significant progress” had been made in the formation of FIA F2. Very helpful. Thanks for that.

Now it appears that the “significant progress” is significant enough to warrant a domain name for a website to be logged and a logo to be revealed, albeit hidden away on an unpublicised website. redirects to On the FIA website page it says is “season 2015-2016” which suggests that something should be kicking off next year.

Prema Powerteam has decided to make the big leap to compete in GP2 from 2016. The Italian outfit has been a powerhouse in FIA F3 over the past four years. After enjoying the success in an FIA-run championship, was Prema enticed to GP2 by the promise that the Series would become FIA F2? I’d say so.

It’s clear that the FIA wants the ladder to F1 sorted out and streamlined as quickly as possible. If a rushed job is made of this just to get F2 in place by 2016 I will be disappointed. The least the fans deserve is to know that this could be the last GP2 Series race weekend so they can enjoy it one last time.

I’m not promising that this is the last GP2 weekend because who knows? It does look it could be, however. But at the end of the day promises aren’t everything in GP2, especially if your name is Kevin Magnussen and you promise Jean-Paul Driot at DAMS that you will test for his team.


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