Quickfire Q&A – Jordan King

Image credit - GP2 Media Service

Image credit – GP2 Media Service

Racing Engineering driver Jordan King is the latest man from the GP2 grid to take part in our Quickfire Q&A. Find out who is favourite athlete is, whether he prefers main course or pudding and generally what makes him tick.


Pole Position or PODIUM?

Dry Race or Wet Race? “Wet and Dry in the same race”

ATTACK or Defend?

Win from the front or battle through the field? “Win from the front (because it’s less stressful) but you feel like you have achieved more coming through the field”

MONACO, Le Mans or Indianapolis? “I have only ever driven at Monaco so I would say that, but I would love to do the others as they look amazing”

Senna or Prost? “Neither”

Spa or Monza? “Spa in GP2 Monza F3”

V6, V8 or V10?

This or That

Twitter of Facebook? “Facebook for personal, Twitter for social”

Main Course or PUDDING? “Ice Cream”

BEST FRIEND or Girlfriend?

SUMMER or Winter?

Beard or CLEAN SHAVEN? “Clean as its nicer wearing a helmet”

Football or RUGBY?

TENNIS or Golf?

SUMMER OLYMPICS or Winter Olympics? “Summer any day”

Tom Cruise or BRAD PITT? “Brad Pitt (in Fight Club)”

ANGELINA JOLIE or Cameron Diaz? “Angelina Jolie. Is that an actual question? :)”

JAMES BOND or Harry Potter? “James Bond – no competition”

Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? “Tough one as I like them both”

THE BEATLES or The Who? “Beatles but my dad would say The Who”

QUEEN or Michael Jackson?


Racing driver? “Don’t have one”

Race track? “Same don’t have one”

Athlete? “Current David Rudisha past Seb Coe or Micheal Johnson” 

Way to train? “Running Middle distance”

Food? “Roast dinner”

Drink? “Orange Juice”

Way to relax? “Take my dog for a walk”

Evening out? “Few friends, chilled bar and winning at beer pong”

Evening in? “Movie night”

Animal? “Domestic animal? – Dog”

Film? “OOOOO tough one, I have a lot I don’t think we have enough time for me to write them all out”

Song? “My favourite artist at the moment is Chris Brown but that will change, I do love some old school bands as well”

TV Show? “Walking Dead”

Book? “Human Universe”


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