Back in June!

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I’m sorry to let you all know that Callum Rowe’s GP2 Blog will not be covering the opening three rounds of the 2015 GP2 Series season.

I, Callum, unfortunately have a lot of exams and deadlines in the upcoming weeks which are all inconveniently placed around the first three race weekends of this season. It annoys me that I won’t be able to commit to this work that I enjoy a lot more than exam work, but I have to put my priorities in order.

I most certainly will not be severing my ties with the Series altogether, because when GP2 reconvenes in Austria for the fourth event of the season, I will resume my work with the blog and provide you all with the best coverage I can possibly manage.

This season is looking very exciting with at least seven drivers (in my opinion) being capable of winning the title come the end of the season in November so we are in store for some very intense and edge-of-the-seat races. Also, with the addition of DRS, we have an unpredictable ingredient added to the racing; I can’t wait to see how the drivers get used to their new device.

I will become an armchair fan of GP2 for the first three rounds and will be throwing my opinion around all over Twitter but committing myself to covering every session and more on this blog would take too much of my valuable time around exam season.

Enjoy the racing and I’ll be back in June!


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