Exclusive Interview with Felipe Nasr

Felipe Nasr

Image credit – GP2 Media Service

Felipe Nasr has just signed a deal to become a Formula One driver with the Sauber F1 Team next season. Callum Rowe’s GP2 Blog had the chance to speak to Felipe ahead of the GP2 finale next weekend.

Nasr talks about his time in GP2, the showdown for title of Vice-Champion with Stoffel Vandoorne and his plans for next season.

Q. There are two races remaining this season. What are your objectives for the event in Abu Dhabi?
Felipe Nasr: I will, as usual, keep pushing. It is always very positive to end the year on an up note and we owe it to all, from sponsors to fans, from friends to team, from websites, newspapers and magazines to the readers.

Q. If everything goes well in Abu Dhabi, you remain on course to become GP2 Vice Champion. Do you feel confident that you will keep your points lead over Stoffel Vandoorne?
FN: Yes, I believe we can make it and finish the Championship in 2nd place. Maybe even with another win to make it five in total in 2014.

Q. Your rival Jolyon Palmer secured the 2014 last time out in Russia. Are you frustrated that you weren’t able to beat him this year or are you happy with your season?
FN: Jolyon did an impressive year, scoring points in all races. I am very happy with my season and sure that it helped me to become better prepared for a future in F1.

Q. What have been your personal highlights from this season with Carlin?
FN: Every win has a special flavour, every improvement in the car has a special memory. It is hard to list in importance what we have positively achieved together with Carlin. It is an unforgettable season and we will keep it like this forever.

Q. Looking forward to next year, what’s on the horizon for you? Do you want to be in F1 or is another year in GP2 more realistic?
FN: Well, today, November 5th I can say it: The horizon has stepped forward and I will be an Official Sauber F1 Team driver in 2015. Thanks for all the help these years.


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