GP2 to introduce DRS in 2015

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GP2 Series will introduce DRS to the racing from the 2015 season onwards.

Series organisers have announced this afternoon that the Drag Reduction System (DRS) will appear on all GP2 cars in 2015. The system will be identical to that of Formula One with it being available to drivers when within one second of the car ahead.

DRS was considered for GP2 last season but economic factors pushed the introduction back to next year after all teams agreed to be in favour of it.

The first tests of DRS on the GP2/11 car will take place in late October in Europe with the second test being in December in the Middle-East.

GP2 Series CEO Bruno Michel explains the decision to introduce DRS to the Series: “We’ve always said that GP2 was able to produce some amazing races without the addition of DRS or any other devices, and once again the 2014 season has proved that with some close racing and exciting on-track battles. However, we also have to make sure that we keep in line with our mission statement: preparing the drivers for the next step, Formula One.

“It will not be a push-to-pass button or a way to be quicker on a lap. Our DRS will be the exact copy of the one used in F1, with the same DRS zones since we’re racing on the same tracks. The drivers will be able to activate it within one second of the car in front at the DRS detection point, with the same level of safety, and with the same suppliers. It will have a hydraulic activation to ensure there’s a very fast movement of the flap with a capacity to open at high speed.

“The cost-cutting plan put in place this year will continue for next season in order to make sure that the introduction of DRS will not affect the teams.”

Read Bruno Michel’s full explanation here.


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