Q&A – Arthur Pic

Arthur Pic

Image credit – GP2 Media Service

Arthur Pic, younger brother of Charles, joined the GP2 Series this season and was the first driver to sign for the reformed Campos Racing team. Earlier this week Arthur spoke to Callum Rowe’s GP2 Blog about his time in the Series so far and what is on the horizon for the Frenchman.

Q. You’ve completed your first half a season in GP2, how are you finding life racing in the Series?
Arthur Pic: It’s a very competitive series with a lot of experienced drivers and a short amount of free practice time, so the preparation before each race weekend is important. Personally, I think it’s also really great to race alongside Formula 1.

Q. Equally, what is life like with Campos Racing?
AP: I spend a lot of time in Valencia where Campos are based. That’s where I prepare for each race weekend in their simulator, which has so far worked well. There’s a good atmosphere within the team.

Q. Your brother Charles raced in GP2 for two seasons and has previous experience in the current generation car. Did he give you any words of advice before the season got underway?
AP: Yes, Charles gained a lot of experience in GP2 and with the Pirelli tyres. I always ask him for some advice before each race, and of course he’s happy to help. Charles also knows my race engineer, Philippe [Gautheron], who was his GP2 engineer at Addax. Sometimes all three of us get together and talk.

Q. Looking at your race results so far, you were the most consistent driver in the early part of the season. What is the key to finishing in the points race after race?
AP: At the beginning of the year it was my objective to finish as many races as possible in the points. To do that you need to finish Saturday’s Feature Race in the top eight and use the benefits of the reverse grid. That worked well during the first three weekends before we had a bit of bad luck. But we continued to progress race after race and have headed into the summer break on the back of a really strong weekend in Budapest.

Q. I imagine it was one of your pre-season goals to take a race win. Now you have done that, is it a big weight off your shoulders?
AP: Yes, it’s always an objective to win. And to have achieved it just before the summer break is even better. But the main goal is to continue scoring points race after race and remain consistent.

Q. You currently sit seventh in the Drivers’ Standings as the second highest rookie. Is this exceeding your pre-season expectations or did you hope for a bit more?
AP: I didn’t have an objective for the drivers’ championship before the season, but yes, I’m happy to be seventh at this stage of the season and believe that with a good second half a top five finish might be a realistic objective.

Q. Later in the season you will be racing in Sochi, Russia. Do you look forward to the challenge of learning at racing at a new venue?
AP: I’ve seen some pictures of the circuit and it looks great! I’m really looking forward to going there. Two years ago I scored my maiden Formula Renault 3.5 victory at Moscow Raceway when the Series visited for the first time. Hopefully we can do something similar in Sochi!

Q. Do you have any goals you wish to achieve before the season draws to a close in November?
AP: My goal for the second part of the season is to finish inside the top eight in all of Saturday’s Feature Races and also achieve two more podiums.


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