Penalties given to Racing Engineering drivers

Raffaele Marciello

Image credit – GP2 Media Service

Racing Engineering’s drivers have both been penalised following the Feature Race in Hungary.

Stefano Coletti managed a podium finish after starting 15th on the grid but the Monegasque driver has had this taken away. In the early stages of the race, he and Julián Leal came together at turn twelve resulting in a retirement for the Carlin driver. 20 seconds were added to Coletti’s elapsed race time and is now classified in 18th place.

The second penalty handed out was to Raffaele Marciello. The Ferrari junior was deemed to have overtaken Stoffel Vandoorne under the safety car and the stewards added 20 seconds to his race time. Lello is now classified one place behind his team mate in 19th place.

As a result of the penalties, Adrian Quaife-Hobbs moves up to second while Takuya Izawa elevates to third place, his first ever GP2 Series podium. Tom Dillmann moves up to P9 and secures fastest lap points too as Coletti is unable to having finished outside of the top ten. Marco Sørensen gets one point in tenth place while Nathanaël Berthon will start the Hungary Sprint Race from pole position for the second year in a row having been elevated to P8 in today’s standings.


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