Regalia accusations disputed by Hilmer

Hilmer Motorsport

Image credit – GP2 Media Service

The accusations made by Facu Regalia about his departure from Hilmer Motorsport have been disputed by the team itself.

Regalia made comment earlier in the week that he left the team because he wasn’t given a car up to standard which didn’t allow him to show his full potential in the early races.

Hilmer Motorsport has released a counter statement saying “The reasons and allegations of Facu Regalia for his desired departure of Hilmer Motorsport that he stated in his press release do not comply with the real circumstances and are not substantial from the point of view of Hilmer Motorsport.”

The statement goes on to say “In rating the results of the season so far, it also has to be taken into account that in three out of four main races the driver wasn’t able to finish the race because of driving mistakes and that he had to retire prematurely.”

Regalia has a contract with Hilmer Motorsport until the end of the season but this will not be fulfilled as the Argentine driver has left the team. Due to legal proceedings, Hilmer Motorsport will not be making further comment on the matter.


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