Will Buxton remains as GP2 commentator

Will Buxton

Image credit – Vladimir Rys

Will Buxton has officially announced today that he will continue to be the voice of the GP2 world feed by calling the action from the commentary box.

Buxton confirmed the news on his Twitter account after questions had been posed by numerous fans.

The 2013 GP2 season is the fifth successive year that Will has been asked to commentate on the series for FOM’s world feed. Last year Will had an excellent co-commentator in Jérôme d’Ambrosio but he is yet to be confirmed for the upcoming season.

In an interview with Will last year, he told me how his role as GP2 commentator came about. Just before a GP2 Asia event in China in 2008, the series it was accompanied by, Speedcar, decided not to attend the event which meant there was nobody to commentate on the GP2 event as Speedcar arranged this on a normal weekend. Tony Dodgins, Will’s colleague at the time, suggested that Will himself should take the role as commentator due to his history with the series. The rest is history. He described it as “the biggest slice of luck” he’d ever had.

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Will Buxton remains the world feed lead commentator for the GP2 Series in 2014. For the first three rounds of the season, 2011 GP2 vice-champion Luca Filippi provided co-commentary while in Austria it was GP2 race winner Robin Frijns alongside Buxton in the commentary box.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Will’s fantastic, enthralling and edge of the seat commentary, the link below should get you in the know:



2 responses to “Will Buxton remains as GP2 commentator

  1. Saying comments like of course the director failed to pick up on…. Obviously very full off his own opinion of himself


    • The director failed to notice and show the viewers what was going on in many circumstances. Will was saying what the majority of viewers were thinking.


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